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Thursday, May 04, 2006

"An analysis of my language learning experience"

1.My most enjoyable language learning experience has been in Thailand. Last summer, I went to Thailand with my friend to teach English for Thai children. This is my first foreign country and my first practice teaching. But many student were most cheerful and kindly so we enjoyed teaching. And our host mother was an English teacher in the school. So her English was so fluently. She took out many place in Thailand. And thanks to her, we took part in many English project. So we had good experience in Thailand.
2.My least enjoyable language activity has been before examination of Iwate university. I was not good at an English grammar. But it was most important for me to pass the exam. So everyday I faced handout and reference and I often question my English teacher. Sometimes I annoyed myself for I did`t memorize the rule of English grammar. But I studied much time then, I study english in Iwate university. So now I think this is my good activity.
3.My most valuable language learning activity has been the practice teaching in Nakano elementary school for the first time. When I was elementary school student, I didn`t speak English. But now, education of elementary school has English class commonly. I was very anxiety because I teached English for the first time. It was before Thailand. But my group member and I made many plan of the class and practiced before the class. So our first class was success! I knew the English education of elementary school through this experience.
4.My least valuable language learning activity has been nothing. If I did not have many experience today,whether good or bad things, I would not study English in Iwate university. So, I think my all English experience is valuable for me.
5.In general my language learning experience has been very important. Because I had many experience today, and I like English very much gradually. I like English and study it, I can touch many foreigner people. So my English experience is very important for me.
6.What kind of influence do you think your language learning experience will have on your teaching?
Some my language learning experience affect my speaking English. I entered this university and learned some native teacher and went to abroad for the first time. When I learned English in high school, I studied writing English than speaking English. But now I speak English more than writing English, I think. I was afraid of mistakes of English grammar. So I could not speak English. But now I am not afraid of mistake because I think English skill grow up to speak English. Of course not mistake is very good but no matter what I mistake English, I try to speak. In Thailand life is made me speak English. So I want to speak English more!


  • At 4:47:00 PM, Blogger JH said…

    How did you practice writing in high school? Did you write essays, translate or do something else?

  • At 2:11:00 PM, Blogger The lion said…

    Thank you for writing comments.
    When I studied english in high school, I translated textbook mainly.


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