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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My advise about how to teach English in junior high school.

Last thursday, Mr. M came to ETM class. He is an English teacher in junior high school. His lecture benefitted me. First, he taught us important things for all teachers. Junior high school teachers have to teach not only subjects but sutudent's life and future. Teachers are looked students and their parents. So teachers have to be their model. So I think that there are many important things for teachers. First, greeting is very important. Good greetings are important in the world. Next teachers have a responsibility on their behavior. Teachers are, so to speak, the model of students. So they have to behave good model. I think that teachers are looked everyday. So I want to be a good model for students.
Teaching points in junior high school benefitted me, too. The most important thing is students act, I think. No act in the class, it is very boing. When students study more activity, they enjoy their study and learn many things, I think. Especially English class, more activity is very important. Another important points are that.

1. (English class) No, Japanese!
I watched some English class in junior high school. The teachers use English very much. Of course using Japanese is impotant when they want to be understood by students. But teachers should spend much time using English in the class. Then we can be talked students in English.

2.Image of GOAL in the class.
Mr.M said that when we teach English, first we image the goal of our class. It is very impotant. It is important to define points in the class. And when we image the goal clealy, the class is plain and more rhythmic.

Mr. M's lecture is very important for me. Teachers think of student's all things. So teachers job is hard but very challenging!


  • At 10:05:00 PM, Blogger aNne said…

    im an ALT in junior high schools in Iwate. i really agree with what you wrote on your blog about NOT SPEAKING JAPANESE! my JTEs REFUSE to speak ENGLISH during, naturally, the students are also terrified to use English. in america, we study Spanish and Spanish class is taught ENTIRELY in SPANISH. i was able to learn the language more quickly because I was 'immersed' in it. good luck in your teaching! and remember you are a role model for your students...speak English and they will learn to APPRECIATE English too! :)

  • At 4:35:00 PM, Blogger The lion said…

    Thank you for commenting! I'm studying about "How to teach English in junior high school" yet. If I become an English teacher, I spend much time using English! "ENTIRELY in ENGLISH" is very important for teachers and students! Your opinion is motivated me. I study more about it. Thank you very much. 

  • At 4:13:00 PM, Blogger Steve Jang said…

    Hi. I'm an ALT in Iwate prefecture. I am glad to hear that the lecture by "Mr. M" proved to be useful for you. And yes, becoming a teacher means taking on high levels of responsibility. Responsibility not only for the students' grades, but also their attitudes and their futures as well. Not only that, but teachers need to be extra-responsible citizens. Did you ever notice that when a teacher does something bad, it's in the news? Not just the TV or newspaper news, either. I regularly read information sent by police stations throughout Iwate whenever a teacher gets caught by the police. It's usually for a vehicular traffic violation. So no speeding, teachers!

    Are you ready for the challenging career of being a teacher? Okay then! Be brave and do your best!


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