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Friday, July 07, 2006

Extension classes in junior high school.

Last friday, I went to junior high school to observe the English class. I observed the 1st grade class's English. The plan in this class was below.
1. Warm-up
Warm-up activity was called "Dangan imput". Students make a pair and read short sentences each other. It have to read as fast as possible. After that, students ask all sentence's means each other and check the correct answer.
This activity makes students more positive. In this class, students played it positively. I think it is "students activity" that is more important to make a class.
This class's goal was [To ask and answer useing "What"]. "What" is very important word to study English, I think. First, teacher showed some pictures and led to students "What" word in Japanese. Many students said 「何」 when teacher showed some picture. Next, teacher show key words in the class and students repeated them. Students studied " What's this?", "It's ~.", and in addition, "That's right!" and "No, it's not." in the class.
After presentation, students made some groups and placticed. First, they desided the number each other. There were 4 students in a group, so students 1~4 were there. Next, they gathered each numbers and remember one thing. After that, they ask each other using "What" and explained each things with group members.
This activity is very important, I think. Because only one student know his/her memorize thing. So students have ttheir responsibility. So they have to speak English to explain the thing and other students have to ask in English. Students speak more English in this occasion.
I could learn more things about teaching English in the class. I'm going to go practice teaching this September. It was very important experience for me to teach English.


  • At 11:21:00 PM, Blogger JH said…

    Unfortunately I could not see Mr. Y's class but your description was very helpful.

  • At 6:13:00 PM, Blogger cheesecake said…

    Hello, I'm cheesecake.
    I didn't go to Junior High School last Friday. So your blog was very helpful to know about the class. I also think that "students activity" is very important to make a class.
    Our practice teaching is coming soon. Let's try our best!
    Thank you very much.


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