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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Strengths and weaknesses as English teachers.

I learned more things about teaching English in the ETM3 class. Mr.M's lecture was very valuable and teaching English in the class with my group members was very important experience. And I observed some classes in JHS. JHS teachers English class was impressed me.
The last class, I designed a lesson in my and present it to some my class members. I made "I think~." lesson plan. My lesson plan is below.
The goal of the class.
・Students can talk using "I think (that)~.".
・Students can made a sentences using "I think ~".
・Students understand the other apprication, "Hope" and "Know".
criss cross activity.
First, a line students stand up and teacher asks some easy question (for example, "What time is it now? and so on). Students rise their hands and answer it as fast as possible. Students can answer the question, they can sit down. The last students stay and the next line's students including the last students stand up and answer some questions. The last question in the Warm-up is the review of the last class. For example, I taught "If" in the last class, I ask the students in the warm-up, "Please make one sentences using "If"".
Introduction of new materials.
Teacher present the key word"think", and ask students "What does it mean?". Next, teacher explain how to use "I think~" sentence. And teacher makes some easy sentence use "I think".
(For example,"I think tomorrow's examination is easy.") Next, students repeat this easy sentence.
Teacher also teach interrogative using "think". "What do you think" and teach how to answer it, "I think/ I don't think".
Pair work.
Teacher give students handout writing some easy sentences using "I think". For example,"I think English is important.", "I think she is a nurse." and so on. Students make pairs and question and answer each other.
Explain "Hope", "Know" sentences.
This sentence can use other verb, "Know" and "Hope". So teacher explain how to use their sentence and explain the meaning.
New words.
Teacher is practiced by students the new words using "Frash cards". Students repeat them.
First, students stand up and reading the textbook silently. When they finished, they sit down. Next, they read loudly and when they finished, they stand up.
The class is over.
This is my lesson plan. And My feeling of strengths and weakness as English teachers below.
The strengths as English teachers.
I think English is close language to people And there are many English words around us and we speak some English words in our daily life. So I think it is funny for students to know English. And English is very useful. English class is also very activity. Teacher have many warm-up activity and practice activity(for example, game), so students can enjoy their English class and learn more about English.
The weaknesses as English teachers.
In Japanese students, they are so shy, so some students don't want to speak English. So some students are silently in the English class. And English grammar is different from Japanese it. So many students meet with a setback in English grammar. And English has many word. So students have to remember more words. This matterr cause to increase students of dislike English. So teachers should device the plan of teaching English carefully.

I like English very much. So If I become an English teacher, I want to report the pleasure of English for my students!


  • At 11:55:00 PM, Blogger onchantree said…

    My name is on chan.
    I agree with your opinion.
    English teachers must know about various activities.
    And I think it is also omportant that they enjoy themselves learning English with students.

    In our teaching English,let's enjoy our activities with them!


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